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Where’s the Beach

Hilton Head Island is graced with 14 miles of the most beautiful beaches in the state of S.C! Because our lush landscaping and unique development, sometimes finding the nearest beach can be a little challenging. No worries, we will tell you about the six most popular public access beaches on the Island and everything else you will need to know to enjoy them!

Each beach on Hilton Head Island has its own unique personality and amenities. Which one you will like best just really depends on what you are looking for in your day at the beach! No matter which beach you like, the rules are the same and here are a few things you should know to get you started:

Tips for Island Beach-Goers

– Hilton Head Island’s official beach season runs April 1 through September 30

– Parking meter costs range from 25 cents (quarters only) per 15 minutes to 25 cents per 30 minutes Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any of our beaches

– During the summer months, federally protected loggerhead sea turtles nest on Island beaches. If you encounter one of these creatures leave it be! Do not shine any light on or around the turtle. Please do not disturb them! (It’s actually against the law!)

– Remember that low tide means less waves, but more beach, so beaches seem to feel less crowded at this time. The local phone book provides a Tide Chart for your convenience.

– Along the beach you will see numbered markers which have been put in place to help identify the location to emergency responders. The numbers start at “one” on the Calibogue Beach in Sea Pines and increment by one every tenth of a mile as you go North or East. Numbers ending in “A” “B” or “C” designate a location between the two numbers on either side and are not indicative of miles.

Find Your Favorite Island Beach and ENJOY!

There are six public access beach areas on Hilton Head Island. From Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day, five are patrolled by lifeguards. Below are the beaches and a link to show you the amenities provided at each location:

  1. Alder Lane Beach Access 
  2. Burkes Beach Access
  3. Coligny Beach Park 
  4. Driessen Beach Park 
  5. Folly Field Beach Park
  6. Mitchelville Beach Park


For more information on how to make the most of your Hilton Head Island adventure, be sure to stop by one of our Outside Hilton Head locations! 

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