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The Best Place to Shop is Outside

Retail store

For adventuresome travelers and families of explorers-to-be, there is Outside Hilton Head—a sports shop that specializes in watersports equipment, tours, classes, and lessons. Paddleboards, kayaks, and boat rentals are their most popular features fun-wise, but Outside Hilton Head also offers a plethora of gear for outdoorsy types that prefer self-guided outdoor pursuits. With that said, you can find Outside Hilton Head on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The store home is 50 Shelter Cove Lane in The Shopping Plaza of Shelter Cove Lane.


The Benefits of “Retail Therapy”

Have you ever heard of retail therapy? It’s that serene excitement that overwhelms you when you shop for things you love, like sports equipment from Outside Hilton Head. If money is an issue, give yourself a budget and permission to shop for whatever you love from wherever you want. The great thing about retail therapy is that it makes you feel good about yourself, especially when you find the perfect gear to complete your outdoors adventures.



Shop Outside: Brands, Offers, and Deals

Shop Outside, the store section of Outside Hilton Head, offers lots of group deals, specials, and coupons on a weekly basis. You can keep updated on savings and deals via the Shop Outside Facebook or Twitter. Or, call ahead at 843.686.6996 for more information about must-have sports gears, including brands and specific equipment for specific activities. Outside Hilton Head displays over a dozen brands in their Shelter Cove Lane store. Some of their most popular brands include Royal Robbins for sports apparel, Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO) for travel hammocks, GoPro for adventure cameras, and Hurricane for lightweight kayaks—to name a few.



How to Shop, Where to Shop, and What to Shop For

Located on 50 Shelter Cove Lane, Shop Outside is an in-store experience that requires your physical presence to round out your shopping excursion. If you have something in mind, you can call ahead to find out if they have it in their store. But you will have to travel to Outside Hilton Head for a full shopping experience.

Many of the Shop Outside employees are certified guides and instructors, with knowledge of kayaks, paddleboards, and various boats. Feel free to ask about techniques, equipment, and must-have gear, and sign up for one of their many fun classes if you have the time. Their team of outfitters would be happy to help you find whatever you are looking for, from comfortable, waterproof sandals with excellent traction and grip, to coolers for picnics, canteens for nature walks, and camping gear for hardcore nature hikes.


What are Others Saying About Outside Hilton Head’s Shopping Experiences?

Shop Outside is a unique Hilton Head Island shopping experience, catering to all ages and kinds of adventurers, explorers, and outdoorsmen. Over the past year, there are have been over a dozen past shoppers to Shop Outside that have left their experiences on review sites, such as TripAdvisor, Google, and even the Shop Outside website. You can view those reviews to better make your shopping decisions. Or, take to heart the following reviews, pulled from a collection of those sites for Outside Hilton Head.


★★★★★    Sharleen M. wrote, “We purchased 2 Hobie kayaks, carriers, and other gear. This was a long learning process for us. The clerk was FABULOUS and a pleasure to be around. She helped us and educated us every step of the way. She assisted us with demos and made sure we bought what worked best for us.”


★★★★★   Abe Essig said, “I was looking at paddle board and was approached by a knowledgeable clerk. She was extremely helpful and I have since rented four paddleboards from Outside Hilton Head as trials.”


★★★★★   James V, an experienced outdoorsman, praised Shop Outside by saying—“The clerk was very helpful in pointing out various clothing items that we came shopping for. He was always there, but not in a pushy way. Also needed help in finding a reliable backpack, and he showed me various great options. Excellent services and quality clothing and outdoors gear.”

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