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Send a Kid Kayaking

kids kayaking

Outside Hilton Head is a huge fan of helping kids. In fact, our program, Kids in Kayaks has a simple goal: to get every middle school child in Beaufort County out kayaking. These programs are run several times a year and offer, in addition to kayaking, hands-on learning about the local culture and eco-system. The Outside Foundation provides scholarships for student’s unable to afford the program, made possible through your donations!


Pick up your official Outside Foundationhat at Outside Hilton Head’s Shelter Cove Plaza retail store and support TOF’s “Kids in Kayaks” program. The “Kids in Kayaks” program provides an opportunity for local seventh grade students and their teachers to go kayaking and explore our local salt marshes and tidal creeks during a regular school day. The program allows students to learn about nature, in nature. Unfortunately, many of these students come from families who cannot afford the program cost. Every hat sold equals one scholarship for a local seventh grader to go kayaking.


Your $25 donation will directly help promote the development of environmental stewardship in local youth. Stop by and pick up a hat today. Thank you!


The Outside Foundation is a non-profit that relies on donations and grants to run its exceptional programs. Your donation will help to ensure a future of outdoor activity for our area’s young people.

The future of Hilton Head’s natural places and our young people’s exposure to them, is in your hands! Learn ways that your actions can make an impact. Learn more:

Help us help our community. Volunteer to help us get kids outside and protect our natural environment. We are always looking for volunteers to help with programs and clean up. If you are interested in volunteering to work with The Outside Foundation, please email us at [email protected]

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