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Page Island: Outside Hilton Head’s Own Piece of Paradise

Page Island Logo

Just across the river from Daufuskie Island, Page Island is our outpost for kayaking, fun family outings, challenge courses, team and leadership development programs and kids programs. We have nine element low challenge course, four element peak challenge course, cooking, camping facilities and restrooms. Outside Daufuskie specializes in customizing outstanding outdoor programs to suit the interests of your group or family. 

Forming a team is easy. All you need is two or more people who want to accomplish the same thing. Building an effective and efficient team is another matter. To do that, you must help any number of individuals work together toward a common goal. Challenging? Surely. Done properly, however, the process can be fun and hugely rewarding.

Outside Hilton Head has helped people enjoy the natural splendor of South Carolina’s coastal Low Country since 1979. Over the years we’ve grown into a close-knit family of enthusiasts, united by our love of the outdoors. We see each team building program as a real adventure, an opportunity to combine learning and fun in our favorite environment. We show members of every group how to produce better and faster results by working together – the best way to persuade them to join the team.

Because each group has different goals, their programs and achievements tend to vary. The intensity ranges from hardcore team building on our challenge course, to a relaxing day on secluded Page Island. Each participant takes away an individual mixture of knowledge and skill. These results can include:

– Building enduring relationships

– Turning adversaries into partners

– Learning to trust others

– Enhanced confidence

– Higher tolerance for risk

– Improved communication

– Conflict management

– Leadership skills


Because the education is key to experiences on Page Island, we offer a wide range of programs to suit the needs of our guests.


For Large Groups

For large groups, Page Island offers a wide variety of activities to make your experience noteworthy. The pristine Lowcountry marshes are perfect for exploring by kayak.

We know that we are extraordinarily fortunate to be stewards of Page Island. We are delighted to extend an invitation to you to come and discover our special place.

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