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Give Dad the Gift of Adventure

kids holding shark catch

This Father’s Day, instead of giving Dad another pair of socks, another tie, another knife or another tchotchke, consider gifting him a memorable experience.A great outdoor family activity for Father’s Day will bring your crew closer together and make Dad feel extra special.Here in the Lowcountry, we are lucky to have a variety of fantastic options to fit all types of Dads and families.

For Dads who like to try new things, consider signing up for a group Paddle Boarding lesson. Kids of all ages can enjoy paddle boarding by captaining their own board, or riding on the front of an adults board. Hilton Head waterways boast calm, protected areas that are perfect for learning this fun new sport. If your family already knows how to SUP, then consider a nature tour by paddle board with a local guide. Not only can they offer you great insight into the sights, sounds and smells of our local waterways; they can also offer tips, techniques and games to up your paddle boarding game.

Fishing is a timeless favorite for Dad’s everywhere, and our area is a mecca for every type of fishing.Fishing charters, offered every day from several locations, usually take a total of 6 passengers out in near shore and in shore waterways for 4-8 hours.Your Charter Captain will provide all of the gear and expertise for a stress-free outing.You can also get Dad out fishing on a kayak fishing trip, which will be conducted in an in land marsh. Kayak fishing guides will teach you and Dad specific techniques for targeting local redfish. These trips are conducted on pedal driven kayaks and most suitable for groups with children over 13.

For nature loving Dads, a kayak tour of local marshes is a perfect choice. Depending on your experience level, you can hire a guide or rent kayaks and go out on your own. Kayaking is great for every member of your family because it relatively easy, conducted at a relaxed pace and totally safe. Children love kayaking, either paddling themselves or in the front of a 2-seater with an adult. Out on the water you can see beautiful views, a great variety of bird life and, if you are lucky, Bottlenose Dolphin.

Once you have decided on the perfect Father’s Day family activity, be sure and prepare your group for a good experience. Sun protection is non-negotiable and should include sun screen, hats, sunglasses and lip balm with SPF.Often that still is not enough to whether hours in the sun, for that you need a physical barrier and will want to pack a set of lightweight long pants and shirt that have UPF or sun protection.Carry everyone’s favorite drinks and snacks, along with extra drinking water, in small soft coolers that can fit into boat hatches or be strapped to a board.Often the biggest challenge to doing these activities with children is simply that their attention span is shorter. Combat those potential moments of boredom with a favorite water-resistant, non-electronic game.

Make this Father’s Day one to remember by enjoying a family activity outside!

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