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Fishing Seasons on Hilton Head Island

Two guys stoked on a big fish

Fishing is a favorite pastime of many folks. It can be relaxing, adventurous, fun, and even challenging. Anytime is the right time to go fishing on Hilton Head Island. Outside Hilton Head offers fishing instruction and is known as the Lowcountry’s Fishing Source! Daily options include in-shore and off-shore chartersfresh water fishing,kayak fishing, and even shark fishing. Here are the seasons and what you are likely to catch during that time of year!

Summer Fishing in Hilton Head

TARPON arrive in the summer months in the Port Royal Sound as well as the backcountry creeks that surround Hilton Head. Tarpon are one of the most exciting inshore gamefish to catch because of their explosive long runs and incredible leaping ability. Tarpon average 75-115lbs. and may reach 150lbs. or more! Other species in the Summer months include King Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel, and sharks. Sight casting for tailing Redfish is at its best!



Fall Fishing in Hilton Head

SPECKLED TROUT are in abundance in the Fall and are a fun fish to catch on light tackle and also an excellent fish to eat. It is not uncommon to catch your limit of Trout in the fall; they average 1.5-2.5lbs. REDFISH & FLOUNDER are also plentiful in the Fall due to the abundance of bait fish and shrimp that are in the inshore creeks. Sight fishing for tailing Redfish is still very good. As the water temps cool large (Bull) Redfish begin to school right off the beaches of Hilton Head and average 20-35lbs.



Winter Fishing in Hilton Head

REDFISH (Spot Tail Bass): The most popular and sought after fish in our area. Reds can be caught all year long with the winter months being the peak time for casting flies or artificials to large schools of feeding fish in two feet of water or less. These winter fish range in size from 2 to 15 pounds with the average being seven to eight pounds. In the summer months we stalk the tailing fish on the shallow grass flats around the high tides.

Aboard the O Cat
Best opportunity is bottom fishing at one of the near shore reefs for Sheepshead, Black Sea Bass, Gray Trout, Sharpnose Shark and Spiny Dogfish.

Aboard the Cleopatra:
Inshore fishing is best on a flats trip with one or two anglers. Redfish are found on the shallow low water mud flats until mid-March and provide the best opportunities.”


“Fishing trips for Winter are more tide oriented than any other time of the year. Good fishing opportunities are available under selective conditions. It’s best to customize fishing times whenever possible.” – Captain Jimmy


Spring Fishing in Hilton Head

COBIA begin to arrive in the spring and in large schools in the Port Royal Sound and Broad River. Fish average between 25 and 40 lbs. and it is not uncommon to catch a Cobia over 50 lbs. Fishing with bait is the most common method for catching Cobia but artificials and flies may be used when sight fishing on calm days. Other species that are caught in the Spring are Triple Tail, Spanish Mackerel, Blue Fish and several varieties of sharks.



Fishing Reservations

Call 800-686-6996 for reservations and questions. Hilton Head is a fishermans paradise, with a buoyant year-round fishery of enjoyable catches. Outside Hilton Head offers inshore, nearshore and offshore Fishing Charters on our comfortable 24 foot power boats. In addition, we offer exclusive small group Kayak Fishing programs on which participants use Hobie Mirage Drive pedal kayaks. All programs use light spinning tackle, fly equipment available upon request.

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