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Feeling Adventurous? Kayak to a Mysterious Vanishing Island and Explore

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Only offered by Outside, The Living Sandbar Experience is a kayak tour not to miss! Departing from the beach, you will paddle in through the surf and out to Joiner Banks, a vanishing sandbar island. There, you can explore and learn about the animals that call this area home.

Outside Hilton Head’s Living Sandbar Experience is a two and half hour kayak tour led by an Interpretive Naturalist guide who is also a kayak expert. Your kayak tour will begin when you meet your guide at the Outside Hilton Head Outpost, poolside at the Westin Resort. From there, your guide will lead a paddling clinic to teach you basic kayaking skills or refresh your knowledge of the sport. Then, your guide will teach you how to perform a beach launch. You can choose from single or double sit-on-top kayaks for this trip, all of which are safe and comfortable. Once you have launched on your kayak and paddled through the surf zone, your guide will lead you on a tour to Joiner Banks.

The Living Sandbar Experience 

This remote sandbar is located just off of the beach of Hilton Head and is only exposed at low tide. When your group reaches the sandbar, take a moment to look around! You will have the best views of all of Hilton Heads beaches, the Port Royal Sound, Tybee Island, Beaufort and much more! Your guide will then lead you on a tour of the sandbar itself, looking for wildlife such as sea turtles, lettered olives, whelks, pelicans, dolphin, clams, blowfish, rays, redfish, cannonball jellies, starfish, sand dollars and much more. Learn about these unique animals and the role the sandbar plays in their fascinating lives. After the sandbar visit, we will load back into our kayaks for the return paddle to the beach. This popular trip is limited to small groups, optimal tides and optimal times, so book early!

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