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Do You Know About the Outside Foundation?

The Outside Foundation

The Outside Foundation is a non-profit that helps to ensure a future of outdoor activity for our area’s young people. Our goal is to get kids outside and protect our natural environment. We hope to create a healthy and sustainable salt marsh and coastal environment for current and future residents and visitors to the Lowcountry of South Carolina by involving people in outdoor experiences designed to raise awareness of and educate about the importance of a healthy ecosystem.

The Outside Foundation involves people in programs that directly impact our local environment and educates them on the value of protecting and restoring the quality of these natural environments. We want to teach people to practice and promote responsible use of our natural resources and we emphasize recycling as a means of lessening our impact on the environment.

Our Projects

Kids in Kayaks – Kids in Kayaks has a simple goal: to get every middle school child in Beaufort County out kayaking. These programs are run several times a year and offer, in addition to kayaking, hands-on learning about the local culture and eco-system. The Outside Foundation provides scholarships for students unable to afford the program, made possible through your donations!

Waterway Clean Up – Through grant funds from Beaufort County Public Works, The Outside Foundation organizes several water way clean-ups throughout Beaufort County each year. Volunteers scour for trash and debris along banks and between grasses. 97 percent of trash collected in prior clean-ups has been recycled. Get involved in our next clean up!

Recycling – Through grass-roots advocacy and administration, The Outside Foundation has promoted recycling on Hilton Head and in Beaufort County. These efforts extend to shoe drives, kayak recycling and waste reduction initiatives.

Want to Help?

Help us help our community. Volunteer to help us get kids outside and protect our natural environment. We are always looking for volunteers to help with programs and clean up. If you are interested in volunteering to work with The Outside Foundation, visit our website.

We also ask that you please consider donating to the Outside Foundation this holiday season!

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