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we have pioneered kayak fishing on the east coast!
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If you have never fished from a kayak, you are truly missing a wonderful experience. Kayaks allow you to get to places that boats simply cannot, and very quietly as well. Our guides are not only skilled in the sport, they are passionate about it. Let them share their kayak fishing knowledge and experience with you. Outside Hilton Head Kayak Fishing excursions are limited to 3 guests and an interpretive naturalist guide. Your 3 hour trip will begin when you meet your guide. They will first introduce you to your vessel for the trip – a Hobie Mirage Pedal Drive Kayak. These kayaks use a unique pedaling system that allows you to move the boat while keeping your hands free to fish. Once you are comfortable on your Hobie, your guide will lead you out into the marsh to the best fishing spot of the day. From there, the guide will explain techniques for effectively fishing from the kayak. They will help you cast off of your boat, target fish and reel them in! This relaxing day on the water is a great experience for new kayak anglers looking to get into the sport, or seasoned fisherman looking for new techniques and perspectives.

Kayak Fishing (3 hours)

Target species on kayak fishing trips vary depending on the time of year. The primary target year-round is the red fish, also known as spottail bass, red drum, puppy drum, red bass, channel bass and tropical sea bass. Spring and Summer targets also include flounder, small sharks, trout and lady fish. In Fall and Winter popular catches also include sheepshead and whiting. Outside Hilton Head kayak fishing excursions include your guide, bait, tackle, and kayak rental. Guests over age 16 are asked to obtain a South Carolina Saltwater Fishing License prior to the trip. Kayak Fishing trips are scheduled daily around optimal tides and limited to 3 guests.

$125 per person • 3 person maximum per trip • Daily at Optimal Tide

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Fishing Report

Summer in the Lowcountry equals great fishing for all types of fishermen. In-shore charters of three to four hours will target a variety of species of shark as well as redfish, flounder and trout. These productive trips are great for families with small kids. On kayak and flats fishing, sight fishing for redfish is popular this time of year, using the high tide to get into their grassy hiding places. Near shore and offshore charters of five hours of more will be hunting for the illusive tarpon, among other great catches include cobia, king and Spanish mackerel, red snapper and bottom fish, like sea bass. Sharks are also popular near shore targets, including bonnet heads, duskies, black tips and the occasional tiger shark. Take advantage of our long summer days with a morning, afternoon or early evening charter-fishing trip.