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Fresh Water Fishing

The fresh water ponds and lakes at Palmetto Bluff are an anglers’ paradise. Stocked and carefully managed for over seventy years, the property’s waterways are teaming with bream and bass. Bream and Bass explores one of the world’s most beautiful properties. Great fishing. Great Fun. Make it a great day!

3 Hour Fresh Water Charter • $295 up to 2 people

Fishing Report

Summer in the Lowcountry equals great fishing for all types of fishermen. In-shore charters of three to four hours will target a variety of species of shark as well as redfish, flounder and trout. These productive trips are great for families with small kids. On kayak and flats fishing, sight fishing for redfish is popular this time of year, using the high tide to get into their grassy hiding places. Near shore and offshore charters of five hours of more will be hunting for the illusive tarpon, among other great catches include cobia, king and Spanish mackerel, red snapper and bottom fish, like sea bass. Sharks are also popular near shore targets, including bonnet heads, duskies, black tips and the occasional tiger shark. Take advantage of our long summer days with a morning, afternoon or early evening charter-fishing trip.